8th Brazilian Congress on Metrology

Better measurements, more quality, more trust!

29 de novembro a 04
December 2th of 2015

Bento Gonçalves
Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil

Information on registration


In order to register for the Metrology 2015, first you have to sign up to the system (located at the right corner of the Homepage). Enter your name, e-mail (that will be your login) and create a password.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail from the sign up process. After receiving the e-mail, you should login to the website and fill your registration. After filling the registration form, you are registered and may submit articles. 

Registration fees (in R$):


* Students: Only university-level students are considered for this category (graduation, masters and PhD students). The student shall submit a scanned document for the registration process certifying regular enrollment situation, dully signed by the university. The students of master and PhD degree shall have research grants or fellowships.

The membership card is given to members of the Brazilian Association of Metrology up to date with their subscription annuities.

All registrations include the event kit (annals, folder etc.), welcome cocktail party, coffee break and lunch.

Refund policy: For cancelations, send an e-mail notification or fax to (21 2532-7373). An administrative fee of 20% shall be charges for cancelations before November 13th 2015. No Refunds shall be done after this date. Substitutions will be accepted at any time.

More Information
Brazilian Metrology Society
E-mail: metrologia2015@metrologia.org.br 
Phone: +55 21 2532-7373